I’m exciting to talk about what’s coming in 2023… but first, it’d be a good idea to recap what’s happened in 2022. Yeah?

Diving back in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance

I’m most well known for my romantic suspense so far. From 2015 to 2020, I wrote 9 novels across two series and I had a great time doing it.

I love the pacing and action of romantic suspense. Blending elements we love of passionate romance with the fun of suspense was something I really enjoyed. The worldbuilding centered around the safe spaces my characters established for themselves and their found families.

But with the pandemic, I hit a wall. I was burned out. And it was time to escape into fantasy and science fiction elements I also love.

So I brainstormed and created the Mythwoven universe, beginning with my first romantic fantasy – WINGS ONCE CURSED & BOUND.

I actually wrote the first draft in 2021 and spent a good portion of 2022 in the editing process, because that’s the way traditional publishing goes. It’s been a fun process, with a new editing team, and I enjoyed the journey with them. The original release date had been targeted for November 2022, but with supply chain concerns around the world impacting multiple industries, this book was adjusted to release in April 2023 instead. And that date is coming up fast!

3D trade paperback image of Wings Once Cursed & Bound

Revising and Re-releasing Backlist

With my return to writing works that included science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal, I decided to revive my backlist of works written originally under my PJ Schnyder pen name. This took time, because I also invested in taking them through a fresh sensitivity read / editing pass. After all, these titles were writing around 2010 – 2012. Awareness and discourse around many important things has progressed and evolved over time.

I wanted to take the opportunity with my writing to do better, even if it was in increments.

And so, my London Undead series became the London Shifters series. It was originally in Kindle Unlimited, but in 2022, I decided to release this 3 novella set wide and create a print omnibus for the readers who love holding a print book in their hands.

Alt cover of Bite Me, Book 1 of the London Shifters by Piper J. Drake
Sing for the Dead - Book Two of the London Shifters cover art
Survive to Dawn - Book Three of the London Shifters cover art
London Shifters Omnibus cover

I also heavily revised my Triton Experiment series. In fact, the original series consisted of a short novella, HUNTING KAT, and a long novel, FIGHTING KAT. Reading the series had an awkward flow to it. So I revised the series into 3 novellas instead and took the opportunity to do better in terms of inclusivity in my worldbuilding and bringing back more detail about my characters that had been taken out in the original editing process. I also made changes to do better regarding representation with two major supporting characters. This newly revised Triton Experiment series is now fully released, with a print omnibus for the print book collectors as well.

Hunting Kat ebook cover, book 1 of the Triton Experiment
Tracking Kat ebook cover, book 2 of the Triton Experiment
3D cover Triton Experiment by Piper J Drake

Now really, what’s coming in 2023?

A lot! I’ve already mentioned WINGS ONCE CURSED & BOUND and I’m excited enough to mention it again. It’s coming April 2023 and is already up for pre-order.

Seriously, if you want to support your favorite authors–and have the financial means to do so–please do pre-order the books you are excited to read. This impacts traditional publisher decisions as to whether there’s enough reader interest to continue the series. So even if you prefer to wait for the series to complete to binge the whole thing, consider pre-ordering or purchasing at release and saving them in your To Be Read list until they all release. Otherwise, the series never finished at all because the publisher had no way of knowing you wanted it.

I’ve made changes to my Patreon and I’ve got lots of new content coming in 2023 for my subscribers. I’m planning a bonus scene or short story a month for my Patreon subscribers. You can read it on my Patreon months before these will be available anywhere, if at all. These bonus scenes or short stories will be related to my books, featuring vignettes and epilogues for some of my favorite characters. If you’re a reader hungry for more in the months between releases, my Patreon is where you want to be. Subscribe here.

Additionally, I’ve got a new novella series coming later in the year that is set in the same Mythwoven universe as a fun story to tide my readers over between the main Mythwoven novel releases. More on that in 2023.

Cover reveal coming soon for The Ink That Bleeds

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