Between my longer novels, I like to write a few quicker reads. The Ink That Bleeds is my first paranormal cozy mystery and it was incredibly fun to write. There’s a lot of whimsy in this story and a little exploring.

It’s got Murder, She Wrote feels… with werewolves

I wanted a sleepy harbor town where people could be who they are, even if they aren’t human at all. Where not only the people, but the buildings are steeped in myth and magic. Visitors can wander into the little indie bookstore to find the perfect read, meet the clever bookstore corgi, and if it seems like the front door opened on its own and the lights turned on and off without anyone near a switch, well, no one is going to give you any answers.

Same universe, different series

For those who enjoyed the world I established in Wings Once Cursed & Bound, book 1 of my Mythwoven series, you’ll have fun returning to the same “universe” for The Ink That Bleeds. If you haven’t read Wings Once Cursed & Bound, that’s okay. This story stands on its own and is not a part of the Mythwoven series.

ebook cover of The Ink That Bleeds, Mystic Bookstore #1

The Mystic Bookstore is keeping a secret. In fact, the whole town is.

Amihan Chanthara is ready for a new beginning when she arrives in the little harbor town of Wolfsound, Washington, nestled in the San Juan Islands. Settling in as the new owner of the town bookstore is easy. Figuring out who killed the bookstore’s previous owner is not.

The town sheriff has asked the sexy, ill-tempered werewolf, Lucien Allard, to help investigate and Ami is torn between heady attraction and irritation as the bookstore continues to be the center of the murder investigation.

Is the killer human or supernatural? Why was the previous bookstore owner murdered? Is Ami next?

Every new friend could be the murderer and even the one theoretical witness can’t tell anyone what happened. Will Ami survive long enough to learn what it means to be chosen by the mystic bookstore as its new Scribe?

Releases September 12. Pre-order now: