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November 2023 Recent Releases!

ebook cover of The Ink That Bleeds, Mystic Bookstore #1

Released September 12

The Ink That Bleeds

Mystic Bookstore #1

The Mystic Bookstore is keeping a secret. In fact, the whole town is.

Amihan Chanthara is ready for a new beginning when she arrives in the little harbor town of Wolfsound, Washington, nestled in the San Juan Islands. Settling in as the new owner of the town bookstore is easy. Figuring out who killed the bookstore’s previous owner is not.

The town sheriff has asked the sexy, ill-tempered werewolf, Lucien Allard, to help investigate and Ami is torn between heady attraction and irritation as the bookstore continues to be the center of the murder investigation.

Is the killer human or supernatural? Why was the previous bookstore owner murdered? Is Ami next?

Every new friend could be the murderer and even the one theoretical witness can’t tell anyone what happened. Will Ami survive long enough to learn what it means to be chosen by the mystic bookstore as its new Scribe?

Sales in November 2023

On sale for $7.99

My wings unbound, I am the Thai bird princess

The kinnaree

And no matter the cost,

I will be free.

Peeraphan Rahttana lives her life in Seattle, unaware of the complicated magical world spinning just beyond the shadows and mist…until a violent clash outside her dance rehearsal has her literally whisked off her feet. Her darkly brooding rescuer, vampire Bennet Andrews, claims to represent a secret organization dedicated to locating objects of myth and magic, tucking them safely away where they can do no harm―but he’s too late to save Peeraphan from a deadly curse.

Yet Peeraphan isn’t what she seems. Wings unbound, she’s a Thai bird princess of legend…and while the curse won’t kill her outright, it’s only a matter of time. Determined, Bennett sweeps Peeraphan deeper into a supernatural world far beyond anything she ever imagined in a desperate bid to find a solution…and an explanation for the powers even she doesn’t know how to define.

Her world may have changed overnight, but Peeraphan knows one thing for certain: she can’t go back to living as a human anymore. Not when she’s felt what it’s like to fly with Bennet by her side. She’s determined to keep her wings and her freedom…and defy anyone who would try to take them from her again.

What would you save if the world you knew disappeared

And you could open your eyes to what exists just beyond?

Events in November 2023

November 18

Piper will be joined by Charlie N. Holmberg & Dan Wells for an authors in conversation.

4pm – 5pm

349 E. 900 S.
Salt Lake City UT

Authors in Conversation at The Legendarium
Piper J Drake at Dragonsteel 2023

November 20-21

Dragonsteel 2023

Salt Lake City, UT

You can find Piper on the The Cutting Edge of Literature: Romantasy panel Monday, November 20, 2023.
Time: 2pm-3pm
Location: Nalthis (Room 255)

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