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December 2023 Recent Releases!

ebook cover of The Ink That Bleeds, Mystic Bookstore #1

Released September 12

The Ink That Bleeds

Mystic Bookstore #1

The Mystic Bookstore is keeping a secret. In fact, the whole town is.

Amihan Chanthara is ready for a new beginning when she arrives in the little harbor town of Wolfsound, Washington, nestled in the San Juan Islands. Settling in as the new owner of the town bookstore is easy. Figuring out who killed the bookstore’s previous owner is not.

The town sheriff has asked the sexy, ill-tempered werewolf, Lucien Allard, to help investigate and Ami is torn between heady attraction and irritation as the bookstore continues to be the center of the murder investigation.

Is the killer human or supernatural? Why was the previous bookstore owner murdered? Is Ami next?

Every new friend could be the murderer and even the one theoretical witness can’t tell anyone what happened. Will Ami survive long enough to learn what it means to be chosen by the mystic bookstore as its new Scribe?

Sales in December 2023


Wings Once Cursed & Bound Exclusive Luxe Edition

✨ Digitally Signed by author @piperjdrake
✨ Naked Foiled Hardcase Art by @iain.macarthur
✨ Stenciled Edges by @iain.macarthur
✨ Illustrated Endpapers by @iain.macarthur

My wings unbound, I am the Thai bird princess
The kinnaree
And no matter the cost,
I will be free.

Bennet Andrews represents a secret organization of supernatural beings dedicated to locating and acquiring mythical objects, tucking them safely away where they cannot harm the human race. When he meets Peeraphan Rahttana, it’s too late—she has already stepped into The Red Shoes, trapped by their curse to dance to her death.

But Bennet isn’t the only supernatural looking for deadly artifacts. And when the shoes don’t seem to harm Peeraphan, he realizes that he’ll have to save her from the likes of creatures she never knew existed. Bennett sweeps Peeraphan into a world of myth and power far beyond anything she ever imagined. There, she finds that magic exists in places she never dreamed—including deep within herself.

$7.99 – Digital

Wings Once Cursed & Bound

You can get the eBook for the discounted price of $7.99 on Amazon only.

3D trade paperback image of Wings Once Cursed & Bound

$3.99 – Digital

All work and no play is no way to enjoy this cruise.

Executive Director Grace Kim figures this reunion with her college friends is the perfect excuse to prove that she knows how to keep work/life balance and enjoy the Caribbean, preferably with her pants intact.

Rich, sexy, brilliant Bryan Sirimongkol has an app for that, and he charms Grace into helping him test it. He offers seven days of the best vacation of her life (bonus, sizzling chemistry) before they return to reality, but he didn’t anticipate just how much of his heart he’d give her.

When an accidental error results in a humiliating video of her online, Grace must salvage her career and decide whether to erase Bryan from her memory forever or admit they brought out the best in each other.

$15.00 – Paperback

The Triton Experiment

3D cover Triton Experiment by Piper J Drake

A terrible choice in the face of duty: Report the existence of a human turned shape-shifter. Or forget he ever met her.

This print omnibus includes Books 1-3 of the Triton Experiment series – each story is complete.

As a mercenary, Kat Darah doesn’t have to pass for a normal human. On the edge of the solar system, she’s just another biped. Most of the time.

Kat Darah has been ordered to keep her shape-shifting secret from everyone but those closest to her, for her own safety. She’s learned how to control the feral rage–for the most part. But when Lieutenant Rygard’s military unit goes missing, she’ll use every skill she has to find her man.

Kat and Rygard will need to form a new team to go deep undercover, posing as gladiators and learning to fight together- not just side by side-in order to survive. In the arena, it’s all about who is the strongest predator?

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