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Matthew J. Drake and I are moving from the Baltimore area in Maryland to the Phoenix area in Arizona. 🙂

My day job remains the same and so my Piper’s Travel Hijinx will continue. Perhaps because of this, the move isn’t a big deal in our minds. I’ll still be spending my days on my day job projects, 85% of the time on site. If anything, flying out of Phoenix will result in more direct flights for me and fewer connections.

The biggest changes for us will be the space. We’ll be going from a single bedroom to a bedroom and an office. It’ll be separate areas for sleep and for work and for creative content – writing, podcasting, vlogging – with no neighbors upstairs stomping around at all hours. There’ll be a bigger kitchen for my stress cooking. There’ll be a garage to park our car in and Matthew said because of the move he may contemplate getting a bike, not exactly sure when he plans on getting that, if it’s before the move I hope he tries to learn more about relocating bikes and he doesn’t think he’ll be riding from Maryland to Arizona on the thing! There’s also a small backyard to turn into an outdoor creative space (in the winter). If we get a bit of decking fitted, it will even be good for the summer months too. At least it will give us an extra place to get out creative juices flowing.

I will finally get the opportunity to design our home in any way that I want to, both in the interior and the exterior. It’s a chance for us to truly make a new start. During the moving process, I spent many a day looking for things like peel and stick wallpaper, additional wall art, and many pieces of furniture that I think would look great in our space, so I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this part. I’m just so excited that we finally have more space to work with as this is something that has been hard to come by in the past.

And what’s even better is that we get all of this at a lower cost of living.

Another factor to consider is that we’re a bit nomadic. We start to twitch if we’ve lived in a single location for more than two years. Change is good to keep our minds stimulated and our hearts inspired.

And so, for us, this move isn’t a huge moment so much as an exciting change of pace in our ever-progressing forward momentum.

It’s our next adventure. 🙂