Today’s Dream for Someday

It’s good to have dreams. 

There’s also a difference for me between dreams for someday in the far off future and dreams I might work to make come true with carefully defined goals right now.

Today I latched onto a dream for someday. It’s something I’ll tuck away to ponder and smile about, but won’t stress to make happen any time soon. I’m leaving it to incubate. I might do a few things to gather the necessary information or skills to make it happen in an unhurried way. For fun.

Because I have as many immediate goals as I can handle right now and I like the relief of considering something for someday…for fun and whimsy. 🙂

My someday dream is to own my very own bookstore. And there’d be a lovely office space for me above my bookstore. That’s where I could write while my bookstore is run by trustworthy people. The kind of people who love books and spread the love of reading. The bookstore would have a small meeting room for occasional mentoring seminars for aspiring writers.

It’d be a haven. A place to nurture the love of reading and writing.

That’s my someday dream. What’s yours?

Bubbles and a dream for someday