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Pretty much everyone has social media nowadays and that includes bloggers, businesses, freelancers and, of course, authors. Many of which are using tools like https://nitreo.com/instagram-growth-service to increase their audience and reach in order to become more successful. But, it can be very challenging to grow an initial following so be have decided to close out the year on Twitter by sharing a few Piper Tips on social media for authors looking to build their brand/platform in the coming year. There are many new marketing opportunities to be explored as social media expands into the world of influencing and advertising. Something like mobile performance marketing is becoming increasingly common due to its suitability to the platform. When it comes to social media, content needs to be eye-catching and fast-paced to get people’s attention. I’ve captured a few more tools you can use in a Twitter Moment for reference.

Finding our way on the internet and in social media is always a work in progress. I’m continually learning too. I hope these tips are helpful.