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One of my goals for my social media presence is to create interesting and/or fun content. I find YouTube content creators to be engaging and ground-breaking. My own YouTube channel is in infancy stages and I may have missed “the wave” for true viral growth but I still want to explore content creation.

BUT even in all things nifty, projects need prioritization. #PiperTravels videos take a lot of time to edit as I’m still learning techniques for putting them together. My books come first. So how to add content to my YouTube channel or other social media outlets and still have time to hit my writing deadlines?

I decided to create #PiperNotes for those quick thoughts or messages I wanted to share with minimal prep, lighting, audio, or editing. They’re meant to be quick check-ins with random thoughts or hints to what I’m up to. I’m also trying to learn to deliver a clear message quickly, with a lot of personality. It’ll be interesting to see me evolve over time with these, I think.

Here’s the first!

Please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see more of my projects – including insights into my writing process and research. 😉