Keeping Cadence

keeping cadence by piper j drake

Fiery Cadence is assigned as both gun expert and bodyguard when the senior crew of the Airship Vulpes is hired to transport precious cargo.

Jonathan Archer is determined to reach the Exposition Universelle where his inventions might finally be recognized and he’d have a future beyond the small village in which he’d been born.

Meeting Cadence expands Jonathan’s world view in ways he never thought possible and he has every intention to get to know Cadence better on the way from New London to Paris. Journeys rarely go as planned though, and the two things Cadence can rely on like clockwork are her captain’s explosive temper and the opportunity for a good fight.

***This fast-paced steampunk romance novella was originally released under the pen name, PJ Schnyder, as part of the Into the Aether collection, then archived. This story has finally been re-released for Piper J. Drake fans!

“With an action-filled plot riddled with suspense and tension, Drake’s latest in her True Heroes series is the best one yet. Steady pacing, engaging storytelling and genuine, vulnerable characters (coupled with the endearing heroic dogs that protect and love them) make this romance shine.”

“Piper J. Drake writes the suspenseful, stalker part of the plot in a way that weaves in perfectly with romance…you can’t help but feel a little shiver now and then, wondering what would happen.”

“I knew that I was definitely in for an adventure and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I wasn’t even disappointed by the lack of sleep I got because I had to stay up reading all night.”