Fangs So Bright & Deadly

Mythwoven series: Book 2

“An enticing mix of folklore, romance and magic! This book is not to be missed!”

« “[Wings Once Cursed & Bound] novel is highly recommended for lovers of fantasy romance and urban fantasy rooted in myths and legends.”

“Beautifully epic and wonderfully cozy all at once — this sumptuous wonderland of a book dazzles with magic, mythology, and marvelous heroes! I’m obsessed!”

“The kinnaree is a delightfully unusual supernatural creature to center”

“An exciting new mythology rising on strong wings among the supernatural creatures you already love and crave. I can’t wait to read the next one!”

“for diehard fans of the genre”

“An intoxicating blend of the supernatural, Piper Drake’s fascinating story about a Thai bird princess deftly explores identity and personal truth. Utterly delightful. You don’t want to miss this one!”

“Drake delivers a unique read full of Thai mythology, shadowy organizations, and the odd pair of cursed shoes. Utterly delightful blend of action, romance, and myth—I can’t wait for more adventures of Punch and the Darke Consortium!”

“Combining fairy-tale artifacts with mythical creatures and paranormal heroes and villains, this first book in the “Mythwoven” series sets up an urban fantasy world where the vampires and werewolves are the least unusual members of a band of treasure hunters bent on protecting the world. The budding romance between vampire Bennett and kinnaree (legendary Thai bird princess) Peeraphan gives the story its heart and provides readers with an entrée into a fascinating new series.”

“A delightful read that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next book in the Mythwoven series.”

A Kitsune, a Gumiho, a Witch, and a danger not even their combined magic can defy. 

Marie Xiao lives a double life, moonlighting as a freelance consultant in corporate Seattle even as she dedicates herself―and her powers as a witch―to chasing down objects of myth and magic before they can be used to harm humankind. She carefully guards the bridges between worlds and has never once been tempted to stray.

Until she catches the eye of a pair-bonded kitsune and gumiho and her whole world is thrown into chaos.

Japanese and Korean fox spirits Yamamoto Kuro and Joseph Choe have been hoping to cross paths with Marie since their first chance meeting at an artifact retrieval gone decidedly wrong. They may work for Marie’s enemy, but they don’t see any reason why they can’t mingle a little work and play…especially when a (literal) dead man waltzes into their impromptu reunion, raising intriguing questions about a deeper magic that may be afoot. Temporarily teaming up, the trio investigate the unusual unrest…but as loyalties begin to shift and lines blur, Kuro, Joe, and Marie may find themselves at the precipice of something none of them are prepared to face…or deny.


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