Bite Me

London Shifters Book One

Alt cover of Bite Me, Book 1 of the London Shifters by Piper J. Drake

NJRW Golden Leaf 2013 Award

Love is hard, especially in the middle of a zombie apocalypse…

As alpha of the London werewolf pack, Seth has committed to keeping the zombie infestation in check and, when possible, protect the humans still within the quarantine zone. Which is why he enters a zombie infested area alone to rescue a group of humans under attack. One woman has the courage to attempt to defend the group and the wits to understand he’s come to help.

Seth is intrigued, even if she did shoot him. He even lets her patch him up.

Maisie is attracted to Seth’s strength, his intensity, and she finds herself opening up to him in ways she never imagined despite her determination not to rely on Seth or anyone else. People get hurt—sometimes die—around her, and she has enough scars from the last time.

But when Seth realizes something is luring zombies to the one place Maisie considers home, there may be nothing either of them can do to save her…

***This paranormal romance was originally released under the pen name, PJ Schnyder, then archived. This story has finally been re-released for Piper J. Drake fans!