Winter Valor

A True Heroes Short Story

Winter Valor

The people of Hope’s Crossing Kennels are preparing for the holidays when a neighboring breeder confronts them. His best German Shepherd Dog is about to have puppies and he is sure one of the Hope’s Crossing Kennels dogs is the sire. Atlas, Souze, or Haydn…who is the puppy-daddy of this holiday litter?

This short story is a newsletter subscriber exclusive during the North American winter holidays.

“Piper J. Drake writes the suspenseful, stalker part of the plot in a way that weaves in perfectly with romance…you can’t help but feel a little shiver now and then, wondering what would happen.”

“Drake’s sharp storytelling shines with an engaging plot that’s thick with tension …”

“I knew that I was definitely in for an adventure and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I wasn’t even disappointed by the lack of sleep I got because I had to stay up reading all night.”