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Mythwoven series

coming soon on September 24, 2024

Mystic Bookstore series

The Ink That Bleeds

Mystic Bookstore Book #1

The Ink that Bleeds by Piper J. Drake

Intergalactic Idol series

An Idol with Luv

Intergalactic Idol series, book 1

An Idol with Luv by Piper J. Drake

Triton Experiment series

London Shifters series

True Heroes series

Safeguard series

Standalone Titles

Science Fiction Romance
An Idol with Luv cover
Contemporary Romance
Romantic Suspense
Finding His Mark by Piper J. Drake
Paranormal Romance
red's wolf by piper j drake
evies gift by piper j drake
Steampunk Romance

Siren’s Calling

Urban Fantasy
Siren's Calling eReader

Titles No Longer Available