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New Name Who Dis? London Undead re-release

Long-time readers might have read my London Undead (now the London Shifters) series way back in 2013 when I was still writing as PJ Schnyder. I’ve since had the rights reverted to me and I’ll be re-releasing them in ebook format this autumn, starting with Bite Me. You might wonder, What’s different? Is it worth […]

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Resurrecting Patreon

Yes, I’ve decided. I’m resurrecting Patreon as one of my platforms. About time management and project planning… I’d retired it some time ago until I could regroup and consider how Patreon might fit into what I do between my day job and writing careers. And recently, I’ve had a lot of questions come to me […]

On crit partners and beta readers

I strongly believe in the value of crit partners and beta readers. I also believe in gaining alignment and setting expectations upfront. Especially when those of us in the writerly world occasionally exchange reads, what’s needed in a critique varies from author to author. Here’s a few insights into what I’m looking for in a […]