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Focus on Writing in 2017

Piper Surviving Deadlines by Focus on WritingI made a careful decision to have a stronger focus on writing this year. As an author, one might think I write, therefore I have a focus on writing.

But here’s the thing: when an author goes to events, the author isn’t writing much, if at all. When an author is doing book signings, the author isn’t writing much. The priority is to spend time with you, the reader, and rightly so. It’s important and I love meeting readers!

But all those events take away from writing time. There’s also travel that both takes away from writing time and is generally exhausting.

I maintain a day job career in parallel to my author career and I do travel 85% of my time for the day job. Add writerly events in there and I am sometimes away from home for up to 3 weeks at a time. I don’t take vacations, I take time off from the day job to attend writerly events and conventions. There’s no down time and without down time, my creativity suffers.

Last year was rough and much of it was due to the killer schedule I set for myself. I wrote 5 full length novels and several short stories through the course of the year in addition to throwing myself into my day job for the most challenging project of my day job career.  I am proud of my work.

There’s no way I can maintain the pace. I wouldn’t survive.

This year, I’ve decided to manage my time carefully and only attend writing retreats. At these retreats, my writing productivity has been amazing. My intent is to come through 2017 with high quality writing and the foundation laid to do great things with my writing career in the future. My priority is to provide great stories to my readers. This year, I’ll focus on writing.

Even if you don’t see me in person, you can play Find the Piper all over the internet for insight into my writing and hijinx:

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Come 2018, I’ll be looking at events again. I’ll be out there to meet readers and network with pros in the industry. Moving forward, I’ll be carefully balancing these priorities so my writing — the core of me as an author — is still strong as I participate in upcoming events too.

If you’d like me to attend your favorite convention or reader event, please contact the event coordinators and request me. It’s the best way to let events know you want me there. These events are for you, readers. Let them know who you want. 😉

EMEPiper Ep 8: Looking Back to Move Forward Effectively

AZ Lantern Festival: looking back to move forward

Heading into a new year with a fresh set of goals is a great thing. It’s even better to take a pause to look back on what did or didn’t work in the past year to take lessons learned into the new. This episode is about looking back to move forward effectively.


  • Where’s Piper? In a hotel room closet.
  • The final days of 2016
  • How have I been working?
  • Making sure I don’t get lost again
  • Staying focused through the coming year


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EMEPiper Ep 7: I’m Not Actually a Multitasker

Piper and food and writing

I’ve got a lot to accomplish by the end of the year. Some days, it seems like I won’t get it all done unless I do some things simultaneously in order to have massively productive weekends.

But in reality, multi-tasking might not be the best idea.

So I’m talking about how I do get things done, when it isn’t the best idea to multi-task and when I actually do multi-task.


  • A theoretical
  • I’m not a multi-tasker
  • Why it’s not actually good to be a multi-tasker
  • Why it looks like I’m multi-tasking
  • What I’m actually doing
  • When I actually do multi-task
  • Kanban and Trello


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EMEPiper Ep 6: When There are Too Many Things

Piper J Drake sideways

Even when you know how to manage your time, life can happen and things can get in the way. This year I had a whole lot of life going on behind the scenes. Before I could course correct, I was way off track.

This is my confession and what I plan to do to get back to where I need to be.


  • Piper’s Confession
  • The Plan to get back on track
  • Trying something completely new – hypnotherapy?


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EMEPiper Ep 5: Time Management at Events Part 2


There’s a lot to cover when it comes to managing your time at conventions, which is why this is part 2 of time management at events.

For me, managing my time at conventions is a survival skill.


  • My room is my sanctuary
  • Knowing where things are in this place, especially the bathrooms
  • Where to find sustenance
  • Read updated information from the convention
  • Planning in time for 2 unusual things: rest/recharge and unstructured social time
  • Looking back on the biggest events in my year
  • Things I could’ve done better
  • Things I’m doing next year


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Newest Release!

Contracted Defense by Piper J. Drake


For those of you who listen to @20mindelay , you might recognize that I've come to my Hellmouth airport. This weekend of writerly comraderie is worth it. It's also very festive.

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Sometimes you just need a sandwich and a cup of soup for sustenance...also WiFi.

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Throwback Thursday seems like a good day to share my #2017bestnine on #instagram

It was a crazy fun year! 
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Puppy Corbin wanted to play most of the day but I was working. Now I'm to bed early. Hopefully I'll have energy to play tomorrow.

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This past weekend, I was pondering my outline in my traveler's notebook while I enjoyed a Belgian Liege waffle with brie, bacon and basil.

Because writer brains need fuel. ❤  #foodporn #taste #explore #seattle #writerslife #writersofinstagram #amplotting
Piper's Travel Hijinx: Dungeoness crab roll and a cup of crab & oyster chowder before I leave Seattle to head back to the desert.

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New city, new look! What do you all think?

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Piper's Travel Hijinx: Buy your fish and you also get to try to catch it!

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Gorgeous sunset to end a very busy day. I have so much information to process in my head.
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