Advise for the Over-eager Author

10264688_1463370013945045_7725103808870214630_nIt’s exciting to be working on a new project, especially a contracted 3 book deal. I have a basic idea of when the series will be released and am in love with my characters, my plot, my new genre.

But while it’s all very real to me and I’ve plunged into the deep end of this world and this series, it’ll still be a while before you — my readers — get to share it with me. A year is a long time to be teasing you all with little bits and pieces. Especially when I don’t have a cover or a specific release date or an official blurb or pre-order links.

My awesome agent was the first to caution me on frustrating you all. And then the fortune cookie wisdom pitched in its 2 cents.

It’s too early. And there’s not enough tangible to share. So I’m going to keep working on this new romantic suspense series, look forward to learning from an editor at Carina Press I’m super excited to be acquired by, and prepare for the day when I’ve got fun stuff to share with you closer to my first book’s release date in fall of 2015.

Until then, we’ll have adventures in research and writing here. Travel shenanigans too. And mostly, I’ll give you all some peeks into what it’s like to be Piper J. Drake. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. 🙂

The Centurion Corporation…coming Fall 2015

Hello! And what better way to celebrate my brand new site than with awesome news?

I’m very excited to announce that Carina Press has acquired my new romantic suspense series, The Centurion Corporation! This 3 book deal will kick off with the release of the first book, Hide and Seek (tentative title), in fall of 2015.

Piper J Drake 3 book to Carina

It might seem a long way away but I’ve got lots of teasers, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes insights to share with you to make the wait a little easier. In the meantime, check out my feeds all over the internet. I’ll do my best to be interesting. 😉

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Hello world!

Exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned. 😉

Newest Release!

Contracted Defense by Piper J. Drake


Piper's Travel Hijinx: when your flight is delayed, seek sustenance.

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For those of you who listen to @20mindelay , you might recognize that I've come to my Hellmouth airport. This weekend of writerly comraderie is worth it. It's also very festive.

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Sometimes you just need a sandwich and a cup of soup for sustenance...also WiFi.

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Throwback Thursday seems like a good day to share my #2017bestnine on #instagram

It was a crazy fun year! 
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Puppy Corbin wanted to play most of the day but I was working. Now I'm to bed early. Hopefully I'll have energy to play tomorrow.

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This past weekend, I was pondering my outline in my traveler's notebook while I enjoyed a Belgian Liege waffle with brie, bacon and basil.

Because writer brains need fuel. ❤  #foodporn #taste #explore #seattle #writerslife #writersofinstagram #amplotting
Piper's Travel Hijinx: Dungeoness crab roll and a cup of crab & oyster chowder before I leave Seattle to head back to the desert.

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New city, new look! What do you all think?

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Piper's Travel Hijinx: Buy your fish and you also get to try to catch it!

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